Documentary Summary

Rachel Dolezal  (born November 12, 1977), She  is an American former civil rights activist known for claiming to be a black woman while being of white-European ancestry and having no known black or African ancestry. She has a MFA Master of Fine Arts also know she has a Bachelor art. She was no longer a writer for the black lens newspaper. She had made a book called in full color because I think it was about herself and other people for the hole people to understand that you have the rights to say who you really from the inside and outside to show your true self.  Doležal was charged by the State of Washington with felony theft, perjury and welfare fraud in May 2018. [20] [21] Prosecutors claim that she lied about her assets and was financially secure (with tens of thousands of dollars in donations and other revenue) at the time she was receiving welfare and claiming to be indigent. What I like about Rachel Dolezal is that she has 3 kids and to me I think she is a single parent I see in her that she has been struggling a lot and it’s hard for her because people have been telling her that she is not black she was born white. She claims that she blacks no matter what she been getting rude notes and comments on social media by mean people saying very bad stuff about her baby things and also about her son’s college as people were saying that he will never be in there because their mother claims that she is black woman but that didn’t stop Rachel Dolezal. What I don’t like about her is that to me since she says that’ she is black and clams that’s she black? she was born white so if I was her I wouldn’t lie about my color to people and say oh I’m white?? But I’m black and I was born black I feel like God made me the way I am so do I feel like Rachel doesn’t like what who she really is of what God made her to be.



This image depicts the artist’s oldest son, Izaiah, when he was younger and first expressed interest in becoming a judge or lawyer. He reclines with his hands behind his head, in suspenders and bow-tie.

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