Annihilation Breakdown!

Introduction–  The movie starts talking about a group of biologist who is going on a mission to discover something new. They carry black measuring devices and all different types of tools they will need to experiences what is on the other side.They will carry there weapons just in case for there  safety. They will stick into groups in all times to watch each others backs. This mission will have different types of creators that form in a different types of cells from the other side. The group of people will be all strong woman .     


Area x– She also finally reads her husband’s journal of his expedition, an all-male team of eight explorers. The biologist’s husband’s team found the “tower” on their fifth day but did not explore it, moving to the lighthouse first. After discovering the huge pile of journals, the team of explorers split up with two members choosing to explore the “tower”, four deciding to remain in the lighthouse and the biologist’s husband and his team’s surveyor choosing to explore the land beyond the lighthouse. Finding that Area X seemed to stretch out indefinitely, they returned to the lighthouse, only to find that their team’s psychologist had been murdered by a beast and then had somehow been resurrected, and the rest of the men had turned on one another. Returning to the tower, the biologist’s husband and the surveyor were unable to find the other two men. They later see doppelgängers of all the men (including themselves) except the psychologist, entering the tunnel. At this point the two remaining men decide to abandon their mission. The surveyor tries to return to the border via the way they crossed; however, the biologist’s husband decides to repair a boat and try to cross back by following the shore.



The ShimmerLena  recounting her infiltration of the Shimmer, as well as her escape. She was part of the 12th expedition into the anomaly, only entering after her husband Kane (Oscar Isaac) returned from his own government-ordered Shimmer penetration. Kane’s trip proved cataclysmic; he was the only survivor, and returned to the real world with massive radiation poisoning. Lena enters the Shimmer of her own accord, hoping to gather the information her husband could not, and also hoping to rediscover herself along the way.

Along with a psychologist, a  a paramedic, and a physicist, Lena willingly penetrates the Shimmer. At first, things are weird (they lose a few days), but not too crazy. But as they get closer to the lighthouse – the most affected structure in the Shimmer – the scientists observe increasingly bizarre happenings. A crocodile with an extra row of teeth attacks them in a boathouse, and a crazed bear creature mauls and kills two team members, acquiring one of their screams in a scene so freakish and terrifying that it’s already infamous.



The lighthouse – The place where they find a way out but one of the team was still alive. When Lena was discovering it for herself has the team was split up that she seen a black hole inside the lighthouse and also seen a dead man on the ground sitting up looking burnt up. As she sees a camera as she opens it as there was a video for her to watch as she press play. She starts to see her real husband name Cane as she watches him talking and he started to give up and blow himself up. As there was a figure of him he watches the real him died and look for Lena as the real Cane told the fake figure Cane  sent him a message for her. So the fake Cane went off to go find her from the begging of the movie where she was sad she thought her husband cane will never come back home but she has been missing him and she wanted him to come back because she loves him.  

Works Cited

VanderMeer, Jeff. Annihilation. New York :Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2014. Print.


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