I want to share with you about my favorite anime. I want to say is that Naruto is one of the most best anime and best animation of all time. I have read and watch movies about this character named Naruto ever since when he was a little boy his family has sacrificed his life from the nine tail demon Fox. The mother and father never get a chance to spend some time with Naruto but the most powerful thing they did for Naruto is that they truly loved him and truly cared for him. I really do understand that Naruto has been lonely ever since .When he met Sasuke he wanted to become the Hokage first . He did not like Sasuke because every time when they have a competition fight Sasuke always wins and Naruto can’t stand it but therefore. That’s when they were little kids. When time pass fast they have grown more a little older and mature but Naruto is this still the same way but serious. He tries so hard to be friends with Sasuke but Sakura always tries her best to get Sasuke attention she is fully in love with him ever since she was little. She had the most biggest crush 💖on him but when she had grew Older with them she didn’t care if he pushed her away or if he said anything negative to her she would always still care for Sasuke she knows deep down inside her heart she will be able to make it .She has never given up she has never backing down but she will stand up and fight for Sasuke and mostly well. for Naruto to but she’s not really a big fan of Naruto not really interested in him. But there was only one girl who was interested in him her name is Hinata😍 even though if you say his name to her she blushes because she knows that she has a very big crush on Naruto she loves Naruto so much she’ll do anything for him even protecting him they knew each other when they were little kids but she always sees Naruto as a good person people in the leaf Village. People always seen Naruto as a bad person but Naruto couldn’t understand why they thought that. He was a monster but Naruto hurts inside because all he wanted in his life is to make friends and to mostly have a family. Right by his side as well but Naruto have taken care of himself there will come to times but I know that he will never give up and he will never back down on his word cuz that is his ninja way😍💖 I love that speech when he said that’s his ninja way. But when he have grown older with his team Sakura and Sasuke they all became friends and of course Naruto sure does love ramen Ramen is the most best dish for him he loves food it reminds me of another character from another animation movie like Goku he is from Dragon Ball Z Kai and knowing Goku he would sure love anyting when it comes to food. But now I see that Naruto had protected the village and his promise is to keep everyone safe in the leaf Village and he has become the Hokage and so many people in the leaf Village we’re so happy for Naruto they started to love and care for him and now he is truly a hero but he is also married to Hinata they have two beautiful kids they look just like their parents a son and a daughter this is a story about Naruto life

Written by Elaina Clark Ninja way

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