Blog evaluation!

Why are you interested in viewing this blog/ vlog?  I love this blog because it Talks about her life in cooking and what she does I know for a fact that she is a California girl and she talks about she loves cooking California food. Who is the blogger/vlogger? The blogger is Gabby because its talking about her and what does she for herself to make her cooking and all her recipes interesting?  What she is discussing about is that when she was 17 years old she decides to go to culinary school and during her second week of culinary school she got a job as a private chef and the rest is history. She works as a private chef for few fantastic families’ in the LA area and eventually made the move to what’s Gabby cooking full time. I know that she really good of doing her own blog she does things on her own this is all about her life style on what she does and what she does is talks about her California cooking she has made her own website her own recipes and what I think I see her as a person that tries to get people attention what can inspire them to see her what she can do for a living for herself. I read her page and her words and everything make sense. The website is opened for anybody can look at her page to see her ideas and recipes it even talks about herself if you are interested about

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2 thoughts on “Blog evaluation!

  1. Keep up the good work, Eliana!

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    1. Thank you all I can do is try my best


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